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Summer reading sessions! In June and July 2024, SMO will meet informally every week at our regular rehearsal time, and play through pieces from our library that we haven't looked at for a few years ... or maybe never looked at.

What's more, we are relaxing the rules. You don't need to be a regular orchestra member to participate in summer reading sessions, and you don't even need to bring a mandolin! All instruments and levels of ability are welcome. We won't collect dues for these sessions and there's no public performance planned.

If this sounds interesting, please for more information. Hope to see you at a reading session!

At the Beat Club in Greven, Germany, mandolin virtuoso Alon Sariel gives the premiere performance of "Until they've driven out the grief," a solo mandolin composition by Seattle Mandolin Orchestra member Clark Nichols. Congratulations, Clark!

If you read music and play guitar, bass or a mandolin-family instrument (mandolin, mandola, or mandocello), there's never a bad time to join the orchestra!

Did you find an old mandolin in the closet, or under the bed? Here's some advice.

To book a performance, inquire about joining the orchestra, or ask us any other questions, please call (425) 772-0231 or

From our May 2024 concert series, "More Than This: Visions of a Better Place," here's our arrangement of "Strawberry Fields Forever"! See our YouTube channel for more videos.

May 2024: Ashley Emery, longtime member of our Second Mandolin section, passed away on May 6 after a few months of illness. We miss Ashley and will always treasure his faithfulness and contributions to SMO. The "In Paradisum Suite" at our "More Than This" concerts on May 18 & 20 was dedicated to his memory.

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We performed "Mandolin Messiah" for five years before we thought of making a T-shirt. Well, here it is!

Guest artist Davide Salvi joins the orchestra for the delightful Barbella mandolin concerto! See our YouTube channel for more videos.

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